Woods Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving

Tiger Woods has pleaded guilty to reckless driving and has been offered a deal that will not see him inside jail as long as he stays out of trouble. Woods was arrested last spring after he passed out in his Mercedes with prescription drugs and marijuana in his system. The plea agreement discussed with the judge at a Palm Beach County Courthouse ensures no jail time, however, if Woods violates probation in any significant way, his probation could be revoked in which he could be sentenced to jail for 90 days, including a fine up to $500.

Woods did not make any statement during the hearing or outside the courthouse. Tiger will enter a diversion program, with a probation period of one year. He will also pay a $250 fine plus court costs. He has already completed 50 hours of community service as required at his own foundation. He also attended a workshop in which victims of impaired drivers detailed how their lives changed and were damaged subsequently.

At the time of arrest Woods had said he was self-medicating to relieve the pain from his back surgery. For further details visit ESPN here.