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Two Of The Best Deck Drivers You’re Likely To Ever See! Watch Here

There no question golf is hard and certainly Walton Heath GC is as tougher venue to play as any when the winds are up. Now we are used to watching the best of the best launch drives ungodly distances and having mere short irons into par 5’s, so to see a golf course get it’s own back on these superstars was a nice change to say the least.

This was no more evident then watching the field being forced to hit deck drivers to reach the green on the 6th, results were varied but two stood out from the rest Andy Sullivan and Justin Rose hit two of the best deck drivers you will ever see. So rare is the deck driver I actually forgot people hit them other then when they were 6 beers deep and struggling to break 100. Enough romanticising checkout what I’m sure you’ll agree are two of the best deck drivers you’re likely to see.


Justin Rose not to be out done…