Was Trump Caught Cheating Mid-Round?

Back on the 9th of October, Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted that he had played a round of golf with President Donald Trump, stating that the President shot an unreal 73 at the Trump National Golf Club Washington, in windy and wet conditions.


The Internet of course reacted accordingly, with a general consensus forming that the 73 was highly improbable. But Graham replied, ensuring that Trump played out of his skin.


Graham continued to mention that “no mulligans” were taken throughout the round. But just recently, video has emerged on Twitter of Trump missing a putt and picking the ball up before it finishes rolling.


So, is this the kind of golf that took place during his 73? Or did he have to make the putt to save the hole for skins? Who knows, but it raises doubts. Just ask Samuel L. Jackson what he thinks.



What do you think of Trump’s golfing talents?