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Tiger’s New Irons Are Here and They Are Fresh!

Tiger Woods recently posted a photo of his new TaylorMade irons that he will now use in competition to . What are they though? Marked with the stamp “TW Phase1” it’s all very mysterious, but obviously really cool! As Tiger said, they look the same as his old ones, but mentioned:  “The back is a little bit different. But I really don’t care what you put on the back of the club as long as it looks good in the playing position and it flies through the windows that I want and goes the distances that I want. Other than that you can put whatever you want on the back.” Tiger doesn’t mess around, just give him a piece of steel that does what he wants and he’s a happy man. Simple.



The main difficulty that was raised from forging these beauties according to Woods was finding the right metal and the right groove configuration, because apparently Tiger doesn’t like the metal nor the grooves that TaylorMade implement onto their irons. So what does “Phase 1” actually mean? Well according to a TaylorMade spokesperson, the phrase marks Tiger’s initial transition into a set of TaylorMade’s. The irons are forged specifically to meet the requirements and preferences of Woods and at this stage appear to be one of a kind, meaning no, you can’t buy these ones off the rack, just yet anyway. The spokesperson did however mention that they are already excited to be working on “Phase 2” of the iron process, so who knows, they could even develop this for hackers such as ourselves to buy. Fingers crossed.