Tiger Woods Is Number One Golfer on Forbes’ 100-Highest Paid Athletes

Despite having not finished at the top of a tournament since 2013, Tiger Woods is still number one in the golfing world when it comes to his bank account.

The 42-year-old ranked 16th in Forbes’ annual World’s 100 Highest Paid Athletes rankings this week on the list at $43.3 million. Yes, that’s significantly less than his prime era, where he hauled in over $100 million, but he’s still the top golfer on this year’s list despite having not actually won anything. Ridiculous. His sponsorship deals are genuinely through the roof, as his endorsements made up $42 million alone. Wow. Just recently he flaunted this cash when he arrived to the U.S. Open in a $20 million yacht!


Four other golfers made the ranking including: Phil Mickelson at No. 22 ($41.3 million), No. 23 Jordan Spieth ($41.2 million), No. 26 Rory McIlroy ($37.7 million) and No. 66 Justin Thomas ($26 million).

But I guess you’re all wondering who number 1 is. A helpful paycheck in his fight against McGregor topping up his account with a modest $275 million gave Floyd Mayweather the top spot this year.