Tiger to Produce His Own Energy Drink with Monster Energy

As reported by Golfweek, Tiger Woods is apparently in negotiations to create his own drink with Monster energy. Woods first showed his partnership with Monster in 2016 at the Hero World Challenge with a Monster-themed golf bag. He has since been seen on course with a Monster Energy drink bottle as a staple and two years on, it seems the partnership is here to stay.


Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg told Golfweek: “We just extended the deal with Monster, and so we’re looking at what the next stages are of that relationship.”

“It’s been an awesome partnership and there’s been talk about potential of a licensed deal with Tiger and Monster. What that looks like and tastes like, we haven’t flushed that out yet, but we’re at least in discussions about it now.”

Woods is said to have creative influence over the flavor and concept of the Monster drink. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen “Tiger-inspired” drinks either, with Gatorade producing a “Tiger” drink when he was in partnership with the brand until they were discontinued in 2009.