TaylorMade Launches New M3 & M4 Drivers with “Twist Face” Technology – Learn What all the Fuss is About

TaylorMade’s new M3 and M4 drivers feature not only a new Y-Track weight system, but new technology appropriately titled “Twist Face”. This means that the high-toe section of the face is more open and has more loft than a normal driver face, whilst the low-heel sections are closed and have less loft than normal. The new “Twist Face” means no traditional bulge and roll that drivers are expected to feature these days. So could this new design be the future of hitting fairways?

According to TaylorMade engineers there is a flaw with the traditional bulge and roll design. Studying “more than half a million shots” from golfers of all skill levels, using data recovery devices to determine trends for swing path, launch and landing locations, TaylorMade found that shots struck on the high toe went 8 yards left of the target on average with less spin than ideal (hook), and shots struck on the low heel went 6 yards right of the target on average, with more spin than ideal (slice). The idea of the bulge and roll designed face imparts gear effect onto the golf ball when struck out of the toe or heel. This means that shots struck from the heel rotate to the right towards target line (for right handed golfers) and the opposite when struck from the heel, thus increasing forgiveness of poorly struck shots. TaylorMade’s findings, however, show that traditional bulge and roll in the real world forces toe shots too low and left, and heel shots too high and right.  TaylorMade’s new design therefore changes this, promising more fairways to be hit.

Brian Bazzel, the Vice President of Product Creation at TaylorMade, explains: “Players over or under rotate at impact and the low heel to high toe impacts are in the rotation axis of the face closing. So if the golfer over rotates you hit high toe… under rotation leads to low heel. Players that create more droop can lead to slightly higher face shots and vice versa, but the primary driver of the impact location spread is due to face rotation.”

What does this all mean then? For the simple Sunday golfer like ourselves, TaylorMade states that shots hit off the high toe will go 1 yard left of the target on average instead of 8 yards, and low heel shots will go 2 yards right of the target on average instead of 6 yards. Still confused? It’s simple, theoretically you should hit more fairways! Check out the video below to see TaylorMade unveil their new design to the world’s best golfers and provide in-depth information. TaylorMade literally changing the face of golf here!


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Images from Golf WRX