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Swingin’ In the Nude!

60 golfers have gone out and played in the nude for the first Wandering Bears Nude golf day at Humpty Doo golf club in the Northern Territory, Australia. According to Brujul Nude Retreat owner Bruce Jensen, “everything is swinging when you play golf nude.” We are sure he’s not wrong, plenty of different shafts in action on the course too we’re sure.

Mr. Jensen and his wife Julie Jarvie hosted the day who regularly play at Humpty Doo…with clothes on. They soon realised it was pretty much a private golf course and a perfect venue for the day with the consultation of members, making sure not to offend the general pubic, I mean public.


Above: Nude golfers embrace nature and all 18 holes

As the 7th and 8th holes were right in front of the clubhouse, the holes were deemed out of play for the day, and a separate nude clubhouse was formed for golfers to relax in outside of the public eye.

“It was the first time I’ve played golf in the buff,” said Jensen, but it looks like it won’t be the last. The event attracted 30 golfers but Jensen is sure that next year’s event will feature even more players, all boasting different flex shafts of course.

Maybe this will inspire a trend in the nudist/golfing community, maybe not. What do you think? Keen to give nude golf a go? Or is one hole on each green enough for you?