Rory McIlroy Seen Wearing New Nike Logo at The Masters!

Spotted during Rory McIlroy’s final pre-tournament practice round for The Masters, a new and strange logo was seen on McIlroy’s Masters Green polo. Many people were confused by the orange logo and pin to match; where was the iconic Nike swoosh?


According to, upon closer inspection it can be seen that the new logo McIlroy is sporting does in fact contain a swoosh. The orange “box” logo is actually a Nike shoe box in replace of the normal Nike swoosh logo. It seems that Nike’s new polo line allows for customisation of the logo, which we think is pretty cool.

The shoebox might also be a reference to Nike’s new Major-themed shoe lineup. Nike shoes during the major events of the season are always a hot topic, with McIlroy’s gold-plated wheels turning heads at the Players Championship. Nike have released a green and yellow themed lineup for players this year at the Masters which is sure to gain the same attention.

So what about that pin Rory had on his collar? Well, that’s a special “player pin” given to Masters participants upon registration. McIlroy’s the favourite to take home his first green jacket this weekend, will the new kicks and fresh threads help him seize the title? He tees off alongside Rickie Fowler and Cam Smith at 11.15am Thursday.

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