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Pepperell Beats Saturday Marker, Making Him Better Than McIlroy He Says!

As is tradition at the Masters when an odd number of players make the cut a marker from the club plays with the last player to make the cut. Of recent times that has been club member Jeff Knox, who has played the past 9 Masters consecutively due to odd numbers.

Knox cuts a fairly unassuming figure dressed in club logo’d apparel and with a caddie wearing no name on his back. Don’t let this fool you though Knox is one seriously accomplished golfer. I mean look no further than the fact that Knox holds the course record from the member’s tees, a blistering 61.

After playing with Knox, Pepperell had this to say “I wasn’t sure I was playing with him until I saw him on the range hitting balls actually. And then I saw him swinging it and I thought, ‘I’m in trouble.’ He had a really nice swing,” Pepperell said. “The course is probably a little too long for him at this point, but man he’s a good player and his short game is brilliant.”

“I did beat him, so make sure you report that. I don’t want any myths going around,” Pepperell joked after an even-par 72. “I did beat him, which makes me better than Rory McIlroy, apparently.”

Pepperell was of course referencing the 2014 Masters when Knox allegedly fired a 70 to lower the colours of his playing partner McIlroy by 1.

 “I wanted to be really generous,” Pepperell said. “Just in case he did beat me, then I’d have an excuse.”

Pepperell was safe however firing a round of 72 to be 2 clear of his marker. Meanwhile Knox has lost no fans and remains the envy of every golfer who dreams of walking the hallowed fairways of Augusta National.

Source: Golf Channel

Feature Image: Getty Images