Oldest College Golfer in History!

61 year-old Don Byers is going back to school, and taking his golf game with him. Byers enrolled at Nebraska’s Bellevue University, and will be part of the school’s golf team in 2018, making him the oldest college athlete in history. According to his new coach, Rob Brown, the 1-handicapper has the length to keep up with his younger teammates which is a promising review.


What an absolute legend! Despite his age Byers clearly doesn’t care for what other people think, explaining that most people don’t believe him when he says he’s going back to college, and going to be competing in golf. This is a man who’s dream to play college athletics were shattered when as a pitcher in his younger years, he suffered an injury that caused him to lose his scholarship and drop out of school. Since then he built a successful insurance business in Nebraska but is now living out his boyhood dream of earning a college degree and competing on the course whilst he’s at it!

Good luck to him, we here at Golf Gods are keen to keep an eye on his performances and wish him the best!