The Old Course at St. Andrews Could One Day Cease to Exist!

As reported by Golf Digest, a new report finds that the future of golf has a potentially scary outlook. Imagine a golfing world without the Old Course at St. Andrews in the mix, blasphemy right!? Well this new report makes this potential future a frightening possibility in the wake of data about the impact of global warming.

The Climate Coalition, who study the effects of climate change in the U.K., have released a paper titled: “Game Changer: How climate change is impacting sports in the U.K.” In the report, claims are made that rising temperatures can and will have a negative effect on some of the country’s most popular sporting pastimes, including golf.


Photo from Golf Digest

The paper discusses the detrimental effects new rainfall patterns, rising sea levels and increased storm surges are having upon golf courses along the coast, not to mention the erosion that they are already facing and battling currently. The report highlights two famous courses, both The Old Course at St. Andrews and Royal Troon, making this a terrifying outlook into what seems to be a bleak golfing future. In 2017 a rock armour protecting the first green and second tee at Montrose was no longer strong enough to suffice in a severe storm. The course, with the help of the local council, was forced to take rocks from near the third tee and move them to the armour to help fortify the area and prevent a major storm from doing significant damage to the course. The reality of climate change appears to be becoming all too real for some of the most renowned golf courses in the U.K., as the future and longevity of these clubs becomes unclear in spite of new reports such as this.

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