Odyssey Reveal New Red Ball Putter!

Odyssey have released a new Red Ball putter, that aims to challenge the potential for true alignment in putters. Odyssey have always been innovating new ways to correctly align the flat stick, including the now famous two-ball design that revolutionized the way we look at, and line up putters.

The new design features a red ball (obviously) which is positioned under a “scope”. This scope is built into the top of the putter head and when used correctly, the ball should line up inside the scope which means that the loft and face angle are consistent and true. This means you will be able to easily and consistently line up correctly, time after time on the putting surface. The design also forces the player to set up with their eyes directly over the ball.


A Versa contrast (present in other Odyssey Versa models) also aids in alignment. The putter features a White Hot RX insert face, whilst weighting has been focused on the extremities of the club head to produce a high MOI for enhanced forgiveness and stablisation.

These sound like a must-have, and will be available on the 20th of July in the states.

Photos courtesy of Odyssey