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No Spectator Tickets For Phil & Tiger PPV Match

If you want to watch two titans of the game go head to head in a high stakes winner takes all match than you’re going to have to order the PPV, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal there will not be general admission spectator tickets to the unique event. Only a select few sponsors and VIP’s will have in the flesh viewing of the match.


With the match scheduled for the 23rd of November and the pair playing for a whopping 9 million dollars it looks as though details are starting to filter through. We know the event will be held at Shadow Creek and we can be sure that the round will take place during the day with no portion played under lights. This comes in contrast with hints from Mickelson that we would in fact see the two champions of the game battle it out in prime time.

We are still however waiting on the finer details from organisers including the price of the PPV and the time of the tee off, we do however  already know the date of the match as already mention scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving.

Despite both players having failed to register a win in France combing for a grand total of 0-6 there is keen interest both in the match and in the betting of the match with Tiger sitting arounds the $1.40 (Australian Betting Market) favourite.