Nicklaus Speaks About Tiger’s Return

As expected, the return of Tiger Woods to the game of golf has caused serious hype and excitement across golfing fans worldwide. But funnily enough, it’s golfing legend Jack Nicklaus who doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for Tiger’s return. During Tiger’s return at the Hero World Challenge Nicklaus was pre-occupied, hosting a charity function for the weekend. When asked if he had any interest in Tiger’s return, he replied: “I’m not interested at all.” Fair enough.

To be fair, the competition between the highest ranked players in the world probably doesn’t interest the 18-time Major winner as much as it used to. You have to remember that Nicklaus runs business and is forever growing and developing his charity work, in between making time for family and friends. Nicklaus continued: “Do I wish him well? Yeah, but I’m not interested in watching him.” Nicklaus stated that he doesn’t watch golf much, and given his heavy schedule, it’s understandable. However, despite showing he has minimal interest in Tiger’s game he did catch a glimpse, in which he responded: “I didn’t see enough of his swing. I saw him [as I was] walking by the television set and saw him hit a shot or two. The swing as I saw, looked good. It looked like a swing of somebody who did not want to hurt his back.”


There you have it, the thoughts of the great man himself. Other veterans did seem to take interest in Tiger’s return however, including Lee Trevino who stated: “He looked ready. He looked good. He looked a little more like his old self”.  Meanwhile Mark O’Meara, a close friend to Tiger since he turned pro in 97′ stated: “Over the last three, four years we’ve missed him. The ups and downs he’s had – and we’ve all had them in our lives – you know, that makes it difficult to compete at the highest level. I’m not around Tiger Woods like I used to be, but what I saw was really great, maybe above what I thought he could do. He looks happier and in a better place. And I’m happy for him that he is doing better.”

What were your thoughts on Tiger’s return? Did you love it? Did you care?