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Mickelson Looking Sort Some Handicap For Thanksgiving Match With Tiger

Phil has taken to Twitter like a fish to water and his unique insight into the life of a highly successful Tour Professional has become entertaining and refreshing. Mickelson took to twitter today to remind everyone exactly how good Tiger is going right now (incase you needed a reminder) as well as poking fun at himself asking for a shot a side in their much anticipated money match. The fun didn’t stop their however with a couple of quick tweets back also raising a laugh.

Golf Gods – Putter & Wedges Combo

You know things are looking tough when even your family is encouraging you to ask for more shots…

Or when a twitter account decides to remind you exactly how badly Tiger beat you last week…

Either way I take my hat off to Phil for having the humility and the grace to recognise when a champion is in form and take the opportunity to ask for a little assistance even if it is optimistic. I mean in a match worth 10 million dollar the chance of a handicap even from someone on cloud nine is probably out of the question.


Source: @PhilMickelson (twitter)