Man Beaten With a Putter After Asking to Play Through

A man has been sent to hospital to receive three staples and 10 stitches to his head after being attacked on the golf course by other players. The incident occurred at Kickingbird Golf Course in Oklahoma, and began when a single player behind a foursome asked to play through.


The 55-year-old single told Police that he approached the group asking to play through when things turned violent. One of the player’s mentioned that he worked at the course and refused to let the single play through, an argument then ensued. The victim was hit in the head with a putter and another player in the foursome hit him from behind.

However only one of the players in the foursome had the common sense to break the fight up, but not before the single player had sustained injuries, sending him to hospital. 72-year-old William Hickman and 67-year-old Eddie Aday were charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.