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LPGA Rules Controversy! Cleared of Penalty on Course but Penalised Following Video Review

Denmark’s Broch Larsen, a 23-year-old professional golfer, thought she was leading the Volunteers of America Texas Shootout on Saturday but was soon placed back down to earth following a post-round video review. Larsen sought a rules official on her second to last hole on Saturday as she thought her ball had moved. She was at first given no penalty by the rules official on course; having been cleared of the rules breach, Larsen naturally didn’t think anything else of it. She finished her round and ended the day at 7 under par, taking a one-shot lead over the field.


However, following completion of her round, a video review was utilised to assess the situation which revealed that she had in fact caused her ball to move. The action was a violation or Rule 18-2, and gave Larsen a one-stroke penalty. As she was following instruction from the on-course rules official at the time of the incident, she was not penalised an additional one-shot for playing the ball from the wrong spot.

Although the tournament was eventually won by Sung Hyun Park with a total of 11-under, you can’t help but think that this incident may have played on the mind of Larsen, as she finished in a tie for 12th at 5-under for the completion of the event. What are your thoughts on this? A fair use of the video review system? Or should the on-course official have the final say?