John Daly’s 1991 PGA Championship Driver is up for Auction!

The exact Cobra driver that John Daly used to win the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick is up for grabs. If you can remember, Daly tore up the course with his length off the tee, not to mention his luscious mullet for style points, in his 3 shot win over runner-up Bruce Lietzke. This is the driver that launched his career and changed the face of golf! Currently sitting at a modest $14,417.00, the driver could be yours to own by bidding at auction here; but be quick, there isn’t long left!

Daly gave the club to Crooked Stick architect Pete Dye, to which it spent most of its lifetime thereafter at the PGA’s Education Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida. However, one of Dye’s associates actually used the club for about a year, following Daly’s victory at Crooked Stick. For what reason? We have no idea. There is for this reason however, some extra wear and tear from when Daly finished up with it.


Dick Liesz, the then-VP of Technical Services for Cobra that produced this club for Daly reached out to provide additional information about the club make, and its inception is rather interesting.

“This is the club that we designed for John Daly when he won the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick in 1991.

The head material is called “Lauramid” and was invented in Germany.  It not only offered high wear resistance, an inch thick piece of it would stop a .357 magnum bullet at point blank range.  My right hand guy and I took a head to the curb and poured concentrated muriatic acid on it — nothing happened to the head, but the cement curb got eaten away.

Daly at the time had a 142 mph clubhead speed and he cracked every metal wood driver head that he tried.  His agent came to us and asked if we could fit him with something that he could play with. The head only has 6.5 degrees of loft… It was an extra firm titanium shaft powder coated translucent red.”

So, got money to burn? Why not buy Long John’s weapon of choice!