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John Daly to Never Play a USGA Event Again!

Following the USGA’s denial of his request to play this weeks Senior U.S Open in a golf cart John Daly has said he will never play another USGA event.

Daly told USA Today “just not worth it to me,’’ These comments follow Daly’s continual ridicule of the USGA’s handling of the U.S Open at Shinnecock Hills.

“The USGA just seems to defend themselves after the fact,’’ Daly said, adding that “the greens seem to get away from them like Saturday at Shinnecock Hills. It just seems like something happens every year they host an event that looks bad on them. They just never seem to learn from their mistakes.’’

He went on to suggest that other players have similar sentiments but didn’t say anything for fear of the backlash. He also pointed out events should be determined by skill not luck.

“but a lot of guys just won’t stand up and say something like they should.’’

Daly is set to tee it up at the Greenbrier Classic following a successful injection of amniotic fluid into his right knee.

If these threats are followed through this could lead to some events on the Senior tour feeling the pinch as Daly is one of the premium draw cards out there.


Source: USA Today

Feature Image: Getty Images