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Did Jason Dufner Just Wear the Coolest Hat on Tour?

I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but Jason Dufner wore a Notorious B.I.G. hat during his performance at the Sentry Tournament, and it was pretty cool. For a guy who is often labelled “dull”, it felt out of character, but it was cool to see a Tour Pro rocking a normal Sunday golfer cap.


Dufner no longer has a club or hat deal with Titleist, so he seemed to have taken the opportunity at Kapalua to express his no-brand collection to the world. Not only did Dufner wear a Biggie Smalls hat (I can’t get over how cool that is), but mixed it up with a Bear’s Club hat, a Camo Toronto Blue Jays hat and an American Flag hat. It’s always cool when a golfer wears something out of the norm, and obviously a lack of contract will allow players some freedom. Now we just need to see some Tour Players in “TITTIES” hats and we will be all set!

Let’s have a look through the unique and wonderful hats we’ve seen on tour through the years: