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Ian Poulter reveals his Porshe via his Instagram Story

Last week Ian Poulter purchase his first ever Porshe and took us all along for the ride streaming his reaction to the unveiling and handover of his GT-3. The car is immaculate and his reaction priceless, similar to when you receive the call that your clubs have arrived to the Pro Shop and are waiting for you to enjoy them. Incredible really when you think of all the amazing things and experiences Poulter has been apart of, from winning Ryder Cups to having his first victory in over 5 years as a 42 year old at the Houston Open to qualify for The Master.

Golf Gods – Performance Polo G.O.A.T Angry Golfer in Black

Now by no means is Ian Poulter a man of simple tastes, quite the contrary it seems the more exotic the vehicle the more Poulter enjoys them as shown by his purchase of the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta. But this is a man who has continually battled against the odds and persisted through tough times which would have had many heading for the next office job they could find, not Ian Poulter he did this all whilst raising funds for Dreamflight a charity which gives sick kids a trip of a lifetime to Florida. Unfortunately despite all his hard work some still found reason to throw shade at Poulter for his car reveal which led to this tweet.

We definitely enjoyed the insight into the life of a touring pro and some of the glamorous moments, hopefully players aren’t discouraged by the acts of a few and continue to take the general golfing population along for the ride. What do you think?


Feature Image: @ianjamespoulter