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Grayson Murray Apologises for Deleted Tweet

Despite a successful rookie campaign in 2017, which included winning the Barbasol Championship, Grayson Murray has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The 24 year-old has become renowned for calling out other Tour players, from DeChambeau withdrawing from injury, to taking shots at fellow pro’s social media accounts for being “boring”, Grayson doesn’t seem to mind being outspoken.


Murray has continued this savage attitude toward pro-life, making a comment via Twitter regarding the shortcomings of the Charles Schwab Cup point system. In tweets that have since been deleted, Murray stated: “Does anyone really care is the real question…those guys were relevant 10 plus years ago.” Following with: “You will never see Phil, Tiger, Furyk ever play on it! The tour subsidizes it every year. Loses a lot of money.” Murray appears to be making no friends in the industry, and after several media outlets asked Murray for his opinions on the topic, he issued an apology.


Murray only recently re-activated his Twitter account and has evidently spared no time in making up for his absence! A number of golfers didn’t let Murray off easy though, including Curtis Strange.


Here’s a couple more tweets showcasing Grayson Murray’s online savagery.