Golfer Banned for Poor Behaviour Wins Back Membership in Court Case!

An Australian woman who had her golf club membership suspended for being ‘rude and unpleasant’ has been given a second chance by an Australian Court. Bernice Peterson played at Proserpine Golf Club in Queensland from 1965 to 2015, but her membership was suspended when allegations arose that she “acted aggressively and swore at other players at a pennants event.” But at the hearing, Peterson mentioned that these reports were based on personal opinion, bordering on gossip, not fact.


Peterson’s original ban was overruled as the court determined she was not given a “full and fair opportunity.” The meeting that determined the original ban and highlighted the complaints was actually hosted as Peterson was out of town. She confessed however that she had acted emotionally on occasions but didn’t believe she had been given fair opportunity to present her case.

Imagine how awkward it’s going to be when she goes back to the club for the first time! Tag a mate who could give Peterson a run for her money!