Golf Gum? Yep, You Heard Right!

The Apollo Gum Company has recently released a new form of gum specifically targeted toward golfers, aptly named “Golf Gum”. Made in Denver, Colorado, the gum is an energy supplement to be used by golfers on course to improve focus and their overall ability to play the game. The gum contains 80 mg of natural caffeine, xylitol for healthy teeth, B-vitamins, zero sugar, and zero aspartame. According to the Golf Gum website:

“Golf Gum’s liquid core delivery system rapidly releases the full benefits of specially-sourced natural caffeine and B-vitamins. Although the taste lasts for hours, you don’t have to chew it for more than a few minutes to experience the results of a pure, compact formula that provides smooth energy.”

Speculated as the future of energy by Troy Widgery, CEO and founder of Apollo Gum Company, this unique idea is reminiscent of Jordan Spieth’s intriguing gum chewing at the British Open, perhaps Jordan was already onto this new craze?

Golf Gum can be purchased here.