Golf Goddess

Golf Goddess of the Week!

This week’s Golf Goddess is McKenzie O’Connell. McKenzie is an Irish golfer born and raised in Nebraska, whose parents’ love for the game helped her realise her own potential and skill for the game. At age 11, whilst competing against other high school girls in a summer league, a photographer captured a photo of McKenzie hitting a shot that landed two feet from the hole, it was this photo that eventually made it onto a newspaper and ultimately inspired O’Connell to pursue the game. Her mother was an assistant pro at her local course and was her high school golf coach, meaning golf ran through her blood.


She competed in the state of Nebraska at an early age, winning her district title at age 14. Whilst working toward a career on the LPGA circuit later on in life, she played and traveled nationally, before becoming involved in Women With Drive, an organisation that promoted the game for women. As well as being a golf instructor, McKenzie is also a model and has a serious passion for promoting and inspiring others to play this great game!