Golf Channel Camermen on Strike at Sony Open!

Union workers for video and audio production at the Golf Channel walked out Sunday over contract negotiations, causing poor coverage of the final round at the Sony Open. The Golf Channel said it has been negotiating an agreement for the past nine months with International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, a union for tournament technicians at golf events, including the camera crew.

The strike affected events that the Golf Channel produces and wreaked havoc for those of us wishing to watch the final proceedings of the Sony Open and two other events in the Bahamas and Florida. The CareerBuilder Challenge is on next week at La Quinta, so it could be interesting to see how quickly negotiations move in order to accommodate for this event.


The network stated: “Golf Channel has been working on negotiating an agreement for nine months with a union that represents our live tournament technicians…those efforts have not yet yielded a resolution, and we look forward to reaching a mutually agreeable contract. However, some technicians have chosen to walk off the job today. We have contingency plans in place, and will continue to deliver coverage.”

John Culleeny, an international representative for the union, said its members wanted Golf Channel to meet industry standards. The specifics for these negotiations have not been mentioned thus far. The PGA Tour sent notices to all players on all tours notifying them of the strike.

With three tournaments coming up next week, it would be in the Golf Channel’s best interests to resolve the matter quickly…otherwise no golf to watch for us!