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Freestyle Golf Championship by TruChallenge

2017 has already thrown some unbelievable sporting moments our way, but did you see this coming?

TruChallenge and SAS Golf have teamed up to create the first ever Freestyle Golf Championship! The competition is open to all as it’s all online on the TruChallenge website.

It’s free to enter, all you need to do is upload a video of yourself doing a 10s golf freestyle before Sunday, 4th June. Your video can be anything from a trickshot, to juggling with the golf ball, and if you need any inspiration, take a look at SAS Golf’s trickshot playlist on his YouTube channel.

Golf is adjusting its ways to grab the attention of the new generation, and this competition is a big step in the right direction to revitalise the sport we all love.

TruChallenge was designed for people who love competition, whether that’s with your friends or battling against competitors around the world.

25-year-old Simon Smith aka SAS Golf, is the host of the competition. “Golf freestyling for me is a way for the younger generation to put their stamp on the great game of golf.

“People will happily watch a golf trickshot, even when they don’t play the game themselves.

“It’s about growing the game and breaking down the stereotypes the game has had for many years.”

No one ever thought Football Freestyle would become the giant it is today, the fresh sport has birthed a whole new community of professional football freestylers. The F2 Freestylers started somewhere, and look where they are now!

There’s a lot of space for new Freestyle Golfers and TruChallenge want to help guide you to becoming the one of the greatest. One of the participants you’ll be facing is Ryan Rustand aka “Coach Rusty”, he’s a Freestyle Golfer that you can emulate and one day, surpass.

Will you be a part of the revolution and become a Freestyle Golfer? Enter the competition and you never know, you may be the first ever Freestyle Golf Champion.