On the First Day of Christmas….Trump Visited a Golf Course…for the 84th Time

President Donald Trump has hit the golf course for his first day of Christmas, visiting Trump International Golf Course near Mar-a-Lago. Arriving shortly after 9am, the day marked Trump’s 36th day at Mar-a-Lago and 108th at a Trump property since taking office in January. If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, it’s also Trump’s 84th day at a golf course! When the weather in South Florida turns hot however, Trump ventures north to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he has spent a total of 40 days at as well.

All Presidents take vacations, but funnily enough before Trump was one, he called out past-President Barack Obama for playing golf while running the country!

Trump stated that it was a “working vacation” during his time in Florida, often opting to work from a golfing property it seems.