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Fan Hit By Errant Koepka Drive At Ryder Cup Considering Lawsuit

49 year old Corine Remande had travelled from Egypt to Paris to watch the Ryder Cup and was unfortunately struck by an errant tee shot on a short par 4. The tee shot effectively “exploded” one of her eyes and fractured her eye socket.

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Such is the significance of the blow Remande has been informed she will never see out of the eye again and she has told BBC she believes if she was struck elsewhere on the head she could have been killed.  It has now been revealed that Remande plans on filing a lawsuit on a number of different bases against the European Tour.

The planned legal action bases around what Remande describes as a lack of warnings from course officials, lack of warning that players were attempting to drive the green and a distinct lack of signage and information on the ticketing warning of the potential hazard.

Despite initial thoughts Remande is actually an avid golfer with a long history playing the game which would suggest she would have been aware of ‘reasonable dangers’ however did not believe she was in danger spectating where she was.

Remande also claims that event officials neglected to check on her condition after she was sent to hospital, a claim which event organisers profusely deny.

“We take our responsibility for fan safety extremely seriously and we have been in regular contact with the family since the accident to offer our support, and we will continue to do so,” said European Tour CEO Keith Pelley.

As can be expected Brooks Koepka is crushed by what took placed and has reached out both personally and via social media to offer his deepest sympathies.