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Ernie Els penalise’s himself at BMW PGA Championship!

Ernie Els was cruising during the first round of the BMW PGA Championship, and this chip in for eagle on the 12th put him at -3.




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When Ernie approached the ball it was heavily plugged, so he advised his playing partners he would mark it to identify the ball. He replaced it, and played the above chip in for eagle. But something wasn’t right.

“The ball came out too good,” Els told reporters after his round. “So I felt I didn’t quite probably put it exactly where I should have.”

Yep, after conferring with rules officials the 4 time major winner penalised himself 2 strokes for playing the ball from the wrong place.

“It’s one of those things. The game of golf is what it is,” Els said. “I know deep down the ball wasn’t quite where it should be, and you know, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So be it. It’s a five, and we move on.”

He finished his round T31 at -1, 5 shots behind first round leader Johan Carlsson.