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English Qualifier Shoots 92 at the U.S Open!

Scott Gregory has gone through what everyone of us can relate to, a disaster round. After qualifying for this weeks U.S open at the England Sectionals with scores of 67-69 Gregory has proceeded to make 3 Pars, 10 Bogeys, 3 Double Bogey and 3 triples for a grand total of 22 over par. In a day where being over par was not uncommon and saw players such as Rory McIlroy fail to break 80 Gregory found the worst of it, but incredibly remains upbeat.

When asked about his round Gregory had this to say “I mean, everyone has bad days. Even people, you look at Rory, Tiger and all those. They all struggle occasionally,” Gregory said. “I qualified last week, so I can’t be that bad. Just got to go out and try to find something.” showing a great level headedness and maturity given the situation. Interestingly this is the first time since the 2002 U.S Open that anyone had shot 92 and to Gregory’s estimation it’s been 8 years since he last failed to break 90.

All is not lost for Gregory though who is a huge Tiger Woods fan and finally got his wish this week. A picture with Tiger, after his girlfriend spotted him on the range and Gregory made a bee line for him.

“I’ve been waiting for that picture for about 15 years, so quite a big deal,” Gregory said. “It was great to finally meet him.”

That picture is already framed and in his locker and with any luck this week will have a signature added to it.

Gregory tees it up at 12.41 pm tomorrow and we wish him the best of luck!

Source: Golf Channel

Feature Image: Getty Images