Cameron Champ Cracked His Driver Head Right Before Teeing Off in Final Round Win!

Despite having successfully secured his title at the Sanderson Farms Championship, Champ Cameron Champ (sorry, had to) actually cracked his driver head on the range ahead of his final round.


Champ had a four shot lead but was forced to use an old driver when half-hour before teeing off, he cracked his PING G400 Max Driver on the top of the head. Thankfully he had a backup in his car and was able to hit a few on the range with it before teeing off. Sure, this doesn’t sound so disastrous given the backup, but for players of this caliber with the stakes so high and equipment being fine tuned to the max, it certainly would have hurt Champ’s chances. He remained calm however, and conducted himself like a true professional, eventually winning the title by 4 shots. Champ had this to say about the bizarre occurrence:

It was very unexpected. Then my backup is my old one I have that week. I didn’t bring a new driver head. It was an older one from my previous driver. I know the weighting was just a little bit off, so just tried to hit as many balls as I could on the range with it just to get used to it a little bit. I tried to manage it. Obviously I knew mostly today was probably mixed with nerves and adrenaline and just trying to find my tempo and my swing and whatnot.”

Not only can the man crush a golf ball, but control his emotions to seize a deserved win. Well played.