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Bubba Hoping To Be Picked “No Matter What” For Ryder Cup

Bubba Watson has done his Ryder Cup aspirations no harm by taking out the Travellers with a closing round of 63, moving himself into the top 8 on the U.S Ryder Cup team standings which if he can maintain will automatically qualify him for Ryder Cup duties.


Bubba has been extremely vocal about his desire to be a part of a winning Ryder Cup team as a player going on to say;

“The motivation is I’ve never won a Ryder Cup, so making the Ryder Cup team and trying to win a Ryder Cup as a player would be another tournament victory to me. It would be a major championship to me just because I’ve never done it, been a part of it.”

He joked that he was yet to receive a text from U.S captain Jim Furyk and that he would like for him to call and say “I’m going to pick you no matter what”.

Interestingly in his press conference Watson reiterated a subtle desire to prioritise family more so in the future and eluded to the fact his playing days may be numbered. Spending more time with his two kids Caleb and Dakota has been his driving factor to call it quits and who can blame him.

This could all be part of a much longer plan however as Watson went on to speak about what the 2020 Olympic Games would mean to him.

“Talking about the Olympics coming up, that’s motivating me,” he said. “It was the best experience of my life to watch all the other events, and then the golf tournament got in the way. I’d love to do it again. I’d love to watch all the events and then have to play golf as well.”

I look forward to seeing Bubba compete at both the Ryder Cup and the Olympic Games as his patriotism is almost unrivalled, hopefully we see him at both!

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Source: PGA Tour