Bernard Langer Unleashes On Rules Official

Bernard Langer is timeless and seemingly age does not effect him like the rest of us. It was a different measurement of time however which saw the ever green Langer seeing red. After completing the first two holes of his second round Langer and his group were approached by a rules official to inform them that they were in fact 10 minutes behind. Langer’s response? No non-sense logic with a very funny twist.

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“They came over and they told us we’re 10 minutes behind,” Langer said. “Yeah, we waited eight minutes on the tee shot on 2, and then we waited four minutes on the second shot on 2. That’s 12 minutes, so no wonder we’re 10 minutes behind, all right?”

“I don’t know where they got their information from. I said, ‘Well is that my fault? We can’t play any faster. Want me to hit it over their heads?’ You’d think they’d have more common sense.”

Langer didn’t let the disruption early in his round effect him however firing a second round 72 to comfortably see himself into the weekend.

Source: Golf Channel

Feature Image: Getty Images